Curtains & Shower Tracks

Supplying custom heavy duty curtain and shower tracks in Dunedin, Otago and Southland

Our high quality and heavy duty curtain and shower tracks are perfect for hospitals, stages and commercial premises. 

Our curtain and shower tracks are made to last the test of time and look great even after years of service. 
You'll find our curtain and shower track in commercial buildings, hospitals and on stages, as well as homes throughout New Zealand, 
and Australia, and in every room of the house. In fact, it's more than likely that wherever you need to hang your curtains, 
we have the track, fittings and the expertise to make it happen. 

Have a chat to the team at Designer Screens – the Dunedin curtain and shower track specialists. 
Choose from a huge range of different colours, styles and designs today when you make the 
phone call to Designer Screens and explore our exciting range!

We can also help you with other window treatment solutions such as blinds and shutters, window tinting and MagicSeal thermal panels.

Mactrac Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

At Designer Screens Ltd, we stock Mactrac hand drawn curtain tracks. They’re available in a wide range of colours, including white, brown, ivory, canvas cloth, titania and silver. We can also supply these tracks in a wide range of powder coat colours to match your decor, at no extra cost. They come in a huge range of styles, including:
  • Single tracks for light weight sheer curtains. Mactrac Easi-Fix head and face fix and Mactrac DualFix head/face fix.
  • Single tracks for medium weight curtains. Mactrac Décor head fix and bracket face fix.
  • Single tracks for full weight curtains. Mactrac Deluxe head fix, face fix and bracket face fix.
  • Double tracks for medium weight curtains. Mactrac Décor bracket fix.
  • Double tracks for full weight curtains. Mactrac Deluxe bracket face fix.
Mactrac Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Mactrac corded curtain track

Our Mactrac corded curtain track is the perfect addition to your home. The Mactrac corded curtain track is super flexible and can work in just about any home, as you can choose from left or right hand cords and one or two way pull. The standard cord drop is 1250mm. If you require a special length, please specify when ordering and we will supply you with something to perfectly suit your needs. Order a Mactrac corded curtain rack from the curtain and shower track specialists at Designer Screens Ltd.
Mactrac Corded Curtain

Mactrac shower track

Whether you’re set on upgrading your bathroom or starting fresh with an entirely new build, the team at Designer Screens are here to help. Our Mactrac shower track is strong, safe, durable and maintenance free. It’s super easy to install, and will last the test of time, as well as general wear and tear – while still looking as new as the day it was installed! We even provide easy to follow installation instructions to guide you through the process, as painlessly as possible. It has a number of exciting features, including:
  • Precision made aluminium track supplied anodised or powder coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Stainless steel fastenings for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Wall to wall fixing with uniquely designed brackets that can be used to anchor the last glide and hook.
  • Standard size tracks are available, or tracks can be custom made to suit special applications.
  • Note that all curved tracks bend to a 300mm radius.
  • A wide range of colour choice’s, including: white, ivory, satin silver, bright silver
Mactrac Shower Track

Commercial bed screens, window & shower track for hospitals

We offer a wide range of Mactrac commercial bed screens, window and shower track solutions. Mactracs range of commercial products are used around the world in various new builds and renovations; they are truly the architect’s choice. See some of the larger projects Mactrac has been used in throughout the Pacific.

Mactrac is made from premium quality extruded aluminium, meaning it lasts for a long time, delivering years and years of service without ever needing to be replaced or repaired. In bed screen applications, Mactrac is the industry leader, and renowned for delivering high quality products for many hospitals and rest homes .The system integrates with Mactrac IV (intravenous) and Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track, and our unique curtain changing cassettes.

The Mactrac Stage Track is a heavy duty cord operated system developed for use in theatres, schools and church halls, and as a room divider – which is designed to be easily opened and closed, delivering years of service.
Mactracs made to measure window track options are many and varied to complement your desired commercial application. Mactracs window tracks are similarly designed to deliver years of service with minimal maintenance, and are easily customised to suit your exact needs and specifications.

In shower and bath areas, Mactrac is a market leader in stylish track and hanger rod systems to match the look you want – just call on our team today to explore the range that Mactrac has to offer, and experience how they will look and feel within your commercial space.
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Durable Shower Curtains

Gone are the days of nasty, plastic, cheap shower curtains – install something modern, plain and practical into your home today with the team at Designer Screens. We have a huge range of shower curtains in a wide range of colours, cuts, styles and designs. From classic white and champagne shower curtains to the eye-catching navy option – each designed to deliver something a little bit different within your bathroom space. Our curtains are a high quality weighted shower curtain and they come in a 2 metre drop and a range of widths e.g. 1200,1800,2400,2700,3000,3500. If you want to order something custom made, we can certainly help: special make curtains are available in this fabric range these take 4-6 weeks from time of ordering. Just give our team a call today to get started and find out more.
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