MagicSeal Thermal Screens

Looking to install acrylic double or secondary glazing panels for window insulation? 
We recommend MagicSeal Thermal Screens! 
We are based in Dunedin and service 
the Otago and Southland regions

Looking for window insulation options for your home or office?
Call our team today to find out more about our range of acrylic double or secondary glazing panels. 
Or speak to us about other window treatments such as blinds and shutters, insect screens, or window tinting

Retrofit Window Insulation Panels for double or secondary glazing

MagicSeal's retrofit Insulation Panel significantly improves your homes heat retention efficiency, which helps reduce your energy costs - saving you time, money and hassle. The acrylic double glazing panels are much cheaper than installing new windows and easily maintains the look of heritage windows in older New Zealand homes. Having MagicSeal will increase even the value in your home and can be installed fast. It’s 11 times stronger than glass and will not shatter, and can be custom cut and finished to suit all homes. 

Customer benefits of MagicSeal over standard glass insulation Panel:

1.MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Insulation Panel, is incredibly efficient at reducing noise. It’s Insulation Panel creates a bubble of air in between the MagicSeal, deadening the sound from both the outside and the inside.
2.MagicSeal Retrofit Insulation Panel, are warm to the touch, as acrylic material is a much better insulator than glass – perfect for winter months 
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3.MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Insulation Panels are less intrusive to fit to an installation. As MagicSeal Panels just adhere to the existing substrate, they’re so much easier to install than double glass, that requires new aluminium frames to be fitted or if upgrading wooden windows, extensive re-routing of the wood frames onsite, to putty in new DGU elements. 

4.MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Insulation Panel  halt up to 80% of all those nasty UV rays that fade your furniture and fittings. 

5.MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Insulation Panel  reduce condensation from building up.

6.MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Insulation Panel  are incredibly cost effective, much more so than traditional Insulation Panel  options.

7.MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Insulation Panel can cut your energy bill by up to 25% in heating costs and energy expenditure 
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